Bamboo Ply - Versatile AA Grade.

Mid-Years Sale - Limited Stock - 40% Off.

Bamboo Ply;

2000 x 600 x 12 mm - Normally $115.00 - Now Only $69.00 each.(15 left - Hurry)

2440 x 1220 x 15mm - Normally $255.00 - Now Only $153.00 each (30 left - Hurry)

2440 x 1220 x 30mm - Normally $450.00 - Now Only $270.00 each (2 left - Hurry)

2450 x 1230 x 39mm - Normally $550.00 - Now Only $330.00 each. (OMG- 8 left)

Beautiful AA Grade Bamboo Ply - the finest ply you can buy.

Perfect for a variety of applications including Motor Homes, Tiny Homes, Wall and Ceiling Linings, Furniture and is easily cut into strips to make custom slat screening. 

Our Bamboo Ply is solid Bamboo throughout with no knots and very easy to work with. It is unmistakably bamboo and is a beautiful product.

Bamboo Sheets are sold RAW (no coating) and are very light in colour.

Most timber sealers, stains & paints are suitable for our Bamboo Ply. 

Bamboo Ply and should be sealed prior to or at time of installation.

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