Decking- Solid HPS Bamboo - Cool and Soft to Walk on - Next Generation Decking.

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Never to be repeated pricing on our fantastic HPS decking - only $17.20 per lineal meter, $31.82 per length or $127.28 Per M2. Including stainless steel clips and screws. 

This revolutionary Beautiful Natural Decking is like no other decking on the Australian Market.

HPS decking or "High Pressure Stamped" Bamboo decking dramatically enhances longevity, lowers maintenance and creates a soft and most importantly, cool to walk on deck.

Will never require sanding, simply wash with deck cleaner and should you wish to rejuvenate back to its original lustre, mop with oil every few years.

HPS decking technology means your deck will not split or warp and we guarantee it for 15yrs.

The ideal decking board? - We think so.

Tested in extremes of weather around the world, this revolutionary decking is now available in Australia and only from Eco Greenhaus.

Available in Teak or Dark Chocolate.

What is HPS Decking?

We apply under high pressure coloured, granulated bamboo to the well proven, strand woven solid bamboo decking board and then under 200 tons of pressure we apply a  timber grain stamp. This is then baked at 200c and treated to create a long lasting and almost maintenance free decking board.

HPS Technology creates a natural look and feel decking board which is ideal for the Australian climate due to its low heat absorption and density.

Our HPS Decking won't split or crack, is cool and soft to walk on and makes for an easy to maintain deck.

Simply clean as required and every few years or so re-oil to maintain its lustre.

Powder Coated Stainless clips and Screws makes it easy to install with no drilling or lifting nails to catch your feet on.

Why HPS Solid Bamboo Decking over Merbau or Composite?

Eco Greenhaus HPS Bamboo decking offers several benefits over traditional materials like Timber or composite decking:

Sustainability: Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that grows much faster than traditional hardwoods and is not made from pretroleum based plastics. The same bamboo plant is reharvested every 3-5yrs and absorbs up to 40% more C02 than trees.

Virgin Forests are not destroyed in the making of our Bamboo Products.

This makes it a more environmentally friendly option for anyone who is looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

Durability: Bamboo is naturally strong and durable, making it resistant to moisture, insects, and rot.

Eco Greenhaus HPS decking will not bleed or warp like Timber and unlike most Composite decking has low heat absorption.

Good Looks: Bamboo has a warm, natural appearance that is similar to traditional hardwoods. It comes in two colours so you can choose a look that complements your home and personality.

Easy to install: Bamboo decking is easy to install with our stainless steel clip and screw system and can also be cut and drilled in the same way as traditional hardwoods. This makes it a convenient choice for the Home Handyman (person) or Professional to install.

In comparison, composite decking is made from a mixture of wood fibers and petroleum based plastics, and while it is claimed to be durable and low-maintenance, you can not refinish a faded composite deck. Composite decking can also be more expensive than bamboo decking and lacks the natural good looks of Bamboo. Timber decking, on the other hand, is a tropical hardwood species that is highly durable, but can be more expensive than both bamboo and composite decking. Timber decking often suffers from rotting, warping or bleeding and tends to have a larger environmental impact due to de-forestation, slower growth rates and the cost of harvesting and milling.

We believe Eco Greenhaus HPS bamboo decking offers the best of both worlds, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials like timber and composite decking, while also offering durability, stunning good looks, and ease of installation.

Hard Wearing and termite & highly rot resistant, won't warp, bleed or buckle. Pre-Finished in either a Lush Teak or a Silky Dark Chocolate.

Starter Boards are also available.

Decking Size; 1850mm X 139mm X 19mm 

In Stock now and available for immediate delivery.

Shipping - For orders over $2,500.00 we offer flat rate shipping of $250.00 for collection from your nearest freight depot or Business to Business where there is a forklift to unload.

We can arrange for residential tailgate delivery for an additional cost. Please contact us for a quote.

Please call us to dissuss the best shipping option for you.

Note; Slight colour variations are normal from natural products and add to the thier appeal. Decking will fade over time and may require re-oiling.


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dassoXTR & dassoCTECH Decking

dassoXTR & dassoCTECH Decking are the superior choice for all exterior decking applications and has been used worldwide in many commercial and residential projects.

Fused Bamboo Features

Ready for harvest after 4-6 years [compared to up to 100 years for hardwood species]–no deforestation.

Environmental Product Declaration

Class 0
[DIN EN ISO 846: 1997-10]
[DIN EN 152: 2011]

Anti-fungal Report

Class A:ASTM E84 -12
BAL 29:AS 1530.8.1-2007

Fire Report

Reticulitermes santonensis
DC D(durable)
[EN 117]
Class 1:AS 5604 (2005)

Termite Resistance Report

Brinell > 79.2N/mm2 [EN1534]
Durability: Class 1
[CEN/TS 15083-1: 2005][EN 350: 2016]

Applicable Residential and Commercial Warranty